Do you want an attractive, functional website that attracts customers?
We will make your website or online store unique!

Start transforming
your business TODAY.

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Start transforming
your business TODAY.

Call us at +34 667 356 683
or we will call you FREE.

Web design and E-commerce
tailored to your needs.

Do you need a
corporate website?

Attract potential customers with a captivating and effective website. Whether you need a landing page, a basic website, professional or even more advanced interactivity techniques. 

At SHINESKETING we custom design your website according to your needs as if it were a wedding dress or tuxedo. Imagine a page that not only attracts, but also engages your visitors with interactive experiences, such as dynamic product galleries or intuitive contact forms. At SHINESKETING, we make your online presence unique and above all, identifiable.

Or maybe an online store?

Get started in the world of e-commerce with an online store of your own. If you are undecided betweean selling on Amazon or building your own virtual space, let me tell you that, without a doubt, if your goal is to establish solid and lasting connections with your customers, as well as maximize your commissions in the long run, creating your own online store is the right choice.

At our Marketing Agency, we not only offer you the platform for your e-commerce, but we also design customized advertising strategies to boost your sales.

Visualize having an online store that not only sells products, but also tells your brand story, attracts your ideal customers and stands out in the competitive digital world. That’s awesome.

Tell us what do you have in mind for your e-commerce store?

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  • Custom design, no templates. 5 pages (Home, About Us, Contact, Services, etc)
  • Testimonials Section Project or equipment section
  • Contact Form
  • Newsletter Box
  • Social media buttons
  • Google Optimization
  • Copywriting en Google
  • Basic Seo
  • Google Analytic
  • Adaptation to mobile devices
  • Legal documents and cookie notice


Customized Web or E-commerce.

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